Body Slimming & Toning

Cryoskin Intro Package

1 Cryoslimming + 1 Cryotoning


NOUVA BEAUTY Cryoskin Body Sculpting in Arizona

Cryoskin body slimming helps you take inches off problem areas, like your tummy, for a leaner, trimmer look. Toning treatments work to tighten your skin, helping restore your skin’s youthful texture. Our staff is ready to discuss your vision for transforming your body and creating your ideal physique.

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Cryoskin Facial

Single Session


Cryoskin Facial

5 Session Bundle


Cryoskin Facial & Cryoskin Slimming Treatments

Cryoskin facial treatments let you sit back and relax while our staff tones and tightens your skin for a fresh, glowing look. Each facial uses a wand-like hand piece for a non-invasive surgery alternative. Our certified Cryoskin specialist will discuss your goals and expectations to help you achieve a youthful look.

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Cryoskin Slimming & Toning

Single Session


Cryoskin Slimming & Toning



Cryoskin Slimming & Toning



Cryoskin Slimming & Toning




I was skeptical of trying a Cryo toning treatment on my tummy area, but I decided to try as there was a great first time $500 dollar special that NOUVA was offering. I went in for my slimming treatment and 1 ½ inches on my waist! Will be back for more!

When I went in for my toning and slimming treatment it was fast, easy, and I saw
results. Highly recommend for any looking to slim any areas of their body.

My first time trying a Cryo facial and very impressed in how my skin is so tight.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any dietary restrictions prior to my appointment?

Cryo sliming and toning clients will be asked to avoid carbs and sugary foods 4 hours prior to treatment
and 4 hours post treatment.

Would I experience any discomfort during my cryo treatment?

There is no discomfort with the Cryo 3.0 machine and the machine will
automatically work on your problem areas.

How often can I come for treatment?

Clients will be able to return every 1-2 week for a cryo slimming
or toning treatment.